yarn splicing and knotting

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A. B. Carter, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in providing yarn-joining solutions to the yarn manufacturing and fabric forming sectors of the textile industry. Our yarn splicers are available in a variety of different models and set-ups to accommodate different yarn types and sizes. Each yarn splicer and mechanical yarn knotter is designed to ensure reliability and durability for all yarn joining needs and applications.
Note: Distribution in North America, Mexico and Central America only.

We specialize in offering a complete line of air splicing, composite air splicing, wrap splicing and mechanical knotting products designed specifically to join filament yarns, spun textile yarns, and composite fiber tows and yarns in all processing applications. Our yarn splicers and yarn knotters are available in a variety of different models and accommodate different yarn types, characteristics, and sizes.

Air splicers are designed to improve product quality and processing efficiency. Yarn splicers are used in hand-held, belt mount, and ATS track mount systems. Air splicers are also available for retrofitting on automatic winder splicing systems.

ATS track mounted splicing systems are designed for individual processing machines to optimize a more efficient and safe splicing application. Our various ATS track mount splicing systems allows the yarn splicer to be attached in the optimum work position, allowing for hands-free yarn manipulation and increased productivity.

Our line of yarn-joining systems fall under three primary categories:

Jointair Splicers: Air splicer that can be track mounted for the best splicing performance and minimum maintenance. The yarn splicer is available in different models that are used in a variety of filament, industrial, and composite yarns.

Illman Wrap Splicers: Produces high-strength, consistent joins in virtually any material within reasonable size limitations, including: fiberglass, Kevlar, graphite, polyester, nylon and cotton. The splicer is mounted on a waist belt or can be used with our ATS track system.

Air Track Supply (ATS): Complete system which can be fitted on a variety of textile machinery where yarn splicing is necessary.