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Trusted Quality. Expert Service.
We put over a century of experience into the development and manufacture of quality yarn spinning solutions you can trust. Grounded in American heritage, yet driven to innovate, A. B. Carter is known for spinning solutions that are proven to perform. We believe that our unparalleled industry knowledge coupled with dependable and reliable service enables our customers around the world to run their business with confidence. 

Headquartered in Gastonia, North Carolina, A. B. Carter, Inc. has offices in 5 countries and agents in 44 countries. A. B. Carter is universally recognized as a superior supplier of spinning solutions for the fiber and yarn manufacturing sectors of the textile industry. Core products include steel and nylon travelers, rings, bobbins, tapes and belts, air splicing and knotting equipment, laboratory testing equipment, and stainless steel belts, counterbands, pressure rolls and other accessories for the carpet industry. Diverse, global solutions combined with our reputation for exceptional quality and service, positions A. B. Carter as the spinning industry’s “go-to” team of experts.

Our History
Over 100 years ago, A. B. Carter, Inc. was founded by Arthur Bynum Carter, who started his textile career at the young age of fourteen with J. M. Odell Mfg. Co. His passion for the textile industry would lay a foundation for A. B. Carter of trusted quality and expert service. Our first manufacturing project was the production of the Boyce Weavers Knotter. At the request of those in the industry, Mr. Carter improved the Knotter for use on new types of yarn that were being developed. Mr. Carter believed then, as we still believe now, that our customers are our partners and we should always go above and beyond to serve them. Mr. Carter’s interest and expertise in the application of rings and travelers for producing quality spun yarns led the way for establishing the metal traveler business in 1937. We have continually grown this business through the years and are now considered one of the top producers of high quality travelers worldwide. In addition to travelers and rings, A. B. Carter, Inc. supplies a diverse line of products, including parts and accessories for cotton and synthetic spinning plants, fiberglass producers, industrial yarn processors, and carpet yarn manufacturers; making us a one-stop solution provider for all your textile yarn needs.



A. B. Carter is founded by Arthur Bynum Carter, and production begins on the company’s first product, the Boyce Weavers Knotter.


The company buys first molding machine for the manufacture of nylon travelers.


A. B. Carter, Inc. enters into the wire manufacturing business, establishing Carter Wire Company. This business manufactures wire for internal traveler needs as well as supplying wire to filtration, broom and brush, automotive and other industries.


Dary-Victor Ring Traveler Company is acquired and relocated to the Gastonia facility from Massachusetts


The company acquires U.S. Ring Traveler Company.


Dynacast Molded Traveler Company is acquired


A. B. Carter purchases an equity position in DayStrong Rubber Products, LLC, in Mauldin, S.C., a producer of rubber-based accessories.


Metal traveler business is established.


A. B. Carter expands, moving to a larger plant in Gastonia, N.C., on Highway 321 South.


The company enters the spindle tape, transmission belt, and conveyor belt market


A. B. Carter acquires Whitinsville Spinning Ring Corporation.


A. B. Carter becomes a certified ISO9001 manufacturing facility, meeting international standards for quality assurance


A. B. Carter Inc. established A. B. Carter India Pvt. Ltd. to provide traveler and ring products specifically for the India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Markets.


The company partners with a German manufacturer, Saurer Components GmbH, to sell and distribute cots, aprons, and metal parts (accessories) to the textile industry in the United States and Canada.


A. B. Carter Inc. manufactures and supplies superior quality, long-lasting travelers and spinning solutions worldwide. We proudly service the textile industry with over 100 years of global expertise.

A. B. Carter, Inc. is dedicated to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and to form a partnership for continued long-term growth.  We are committed to excellence in our products and service to our customers through continuous improvement, adherence to market driven standards, innovation, and the total involvement of all employees.

Vertical Integration

Produced in the United States, our vertical manufacturing structure ensures that our products provide the highest level of quality and consistency, and allows for more innovative customization and added flexibility. For our steel travelers, we have complete control over the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product. We start with the highest quality wire produced exclusively by Carter Wire Company, which is instrumental in assuring maximum life and performance of the traveler. The wire is drawn down to size, annealed, shaped and then the travelers are formed, heat treated and finished to exact specifications. Our advanced metallurgical lab and innovation center staff conduct extensive testing on our travelers, so you can trust each and every A. B. Carter traveler for the long run.

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