Lab Testing Equipment

Trusted for the Long Run


A. B. Carter, Inc. supplies a complete range of textile laboratory testing equipment for the analysis of textile materials such as fibers, yarns, and traditional and technical fabrics. These products also have the capability to analyze nonwovens, leather and more complex materials. Our textile laboratory testing equipment is produced by Mesdan S.p.A and is sold under the brand name Mesdan Lab. A.B. Carter, Inc. is the only distributor of Mesdan technologies in North America.
Note: Distribution in North America, Mexico and Central America only.

We also supply a complete line of textile laboratory testing equipment manufactured by Mesdan S.p.A of Italy and sold under the brand name Mesdan Lab. Founded in 1952, Mesdan S.p.A is an Italian owned textile machinery company that offers a comprehensive line of measuring instruments. Mesdan S.p.A is a leader in the production of yarn splicers, and is one of the largest worldwide producers of textile lab testing equipment. The company invests significant resources into research and development in order to offer the most innovative products in the textile industry.

The Mesdan Lab brand specifically offers a comprehensive range of textile lab testing equipment that can be used in both the laboratory and in production. Mesdan is well known for producing globally accepted textile laboratory testing equipment that meets the required international and retailer standards.