Carpet Yarn Products

Trusted for the Long Run


A. B. Carter, Inc. supplies a diverse line of parts and accessories used in both BCF and Spun Yarn carpet manufacturing plants. We specialize in providing key replacement parts for all twisting/ cabling and tufting processes. These products were developed specifically to improve our customers’ processes and yarn quality.

Accessories for Twisting/Cabling, Heat Setting & Tufting


Spindle Drives

A. B. Carter, Inc. stocks several different types of spindle tapes to suit the varying machine designs used in the carpet industry. Tapes are available in any length and width with skived ends, pre-glued ends or can be made endless. Our patented joining system assures perfect end bonds with no variation in thickness or flexibility.


Conveyor Belts

A. B. Carter, Inc. offers a broad range of light weight conveyor belts for virtually any textile application. These belts are available with a variety of tension members and cover materials to meet the specific conveying requirements.


Lifting and Pulling Systems

A. B. Carter, Inc. offers a full line of lifting straps for the textile industry. These straps are available in three basic types to suit the tensile strength requirements on the various textile processing machines. Our lifting straps can be supplied in roll form (100 ft. rolls) or with precut lengths complete with fixing hardware already pre-assembled. These straps offer longer life as compared to chain products and are resistant to oil and grease.

End Caps/Tube Caps

Designed as a cost effective way to minimize yarn breaks caused by damaged cardboard or fiber tubes.

Tension Capsules

Designed to assist in controlling the yarn tension in Two for One twisting applications to ensure the correct TPI (turns per inch) in the yarn meets the required specifications.


Designed for speed measurement and inspection of high speed moving parts. Unit features a lightweight, pocketsize design which is battery operated for complete portability.

Spin Clean/Fluff Removers

Designed to safely remove fly and fiber waste from rolls and hard to reach machine areas. (Available in pneumatic, battery and hand operated models).

Tension Meters
Tension Meters
Tension Meters

Tension Meters

A. B. Carter, Inc. offers a complete line of handheld tension meters in basic analog and digital models for all yarns and process applications.

Tension Control Devices

Designed for universal use on any machine and/or creel applications where precise yarn tension control is required.

Ring Knives

Designed for all textile applications, a durable cutting blade with safety guard to prevent operator injury.

Yarn End Detectors and Cutters

Designed to indicate yarn breaks, detect yarn presence and produce a signal to stop a machine or perform other functions as required.